Construction progress

The next floor is being constructed and the staircase of the TFA is being demounted.

Concrete being poured

The floor slab is cast

Technical level ZT5

Excavations for the basement have been completed: Level ZT5 will house the building’s technical services.

Foundation stone

On 24 July 2018, the foundation stone was laid for the "Center for Visual Computing of Collectives" (VCC), a new top-level research centre at the University of Konstanz for the study of swarm and collective behaviour. The joint exploration of collective behaviour by biologists and computer scientists is one example of the interdisciplinary approach adopted by the University of Konstanz.

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The first excavators are getting started

The Center for Visual Computing of Collectives is approved for construction

The Center for Visual Computing of Collectives is approved for construction.

The "India, not America" artwork

The “India, not America” artwork is moved to make space for the construction site.

Funding approval

On the recommendation of the German Council of Science and Humanities, the new "Center for Visual Computing of Collectives" (VCC) will be funded and established in the context of the research building programme of the federal and state governments.

Browse this page to learn more about the history of the VCC and to find out about how construction progresses. Here, you will also find a selection of press releases and official media coverage related to the VCC.